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Are you suffering from a rat in the kitchen, mouse in the pantry, ants in the yard or moles in the garden? We can help with all of these issues and more!

We know how difficult it is to cope with pests in your home or business. Having rats in your attic is not a pleasant experience and one that needs to be tackled as soon as possible.

We have the specialist training to deal with these pests in Lancashire and can do this at an affordable price!

Pest Control Plan

Prior to initiation of service, the Contractor shall submit to the COR a Pest Control Plan for each building or site within the agreed-upon number of working days following the initial inspection. Upon receipt of the Pest Control Plan, the COR will render a decision regarding its acceptability within an agreed-upon number of working days. The Contractor shall be on-site to initiate service within an agreed-upon number of working days following notice of approval. If aspects of the Pest Control Plan are incomplete or disapproved, the Contractor shall have an agreed-upon number of working days to submit revisions.

The Pest Control Plan shall consist of five parts:

(1) Proposed methods for control, including labels and Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS sheets) for all pesticides to be used. A list of types of rodent bait boxes, insect and rodent trapping devices, pest monitoring devices, and any other control devices or equipment should also be included;

(2) A proposed pest population level referred to as a predetermined tolerance threshold, if thresholds exist for the targeted pest;

(3) A service schedule for each building or site;

(4) A description of any structural or operational changes that would facilitate the pest control effort;

(5) A copy of the Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certificate for every Contractor’s representative who will be performing on-site service under contract. It shall be the Contractor’s responsibility to carry out work according to the approved Pest Control Plan for each building or site. The Contractor shall receive the concurrence of the COR prior to implementing any subsequent changes to the approved Pest Control Plan, including additions or replacements to the pesticide list and to on-site service personnel.