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Pest Control Of Rats, Mice & Wasps

As a specialist pest control company in Rawtenstall, we mainly tackle 3 types of pests which are rats, mice and wasps. These are the pests that we get most calls to control in Rossendale!

Rats are a year-round problem but are very prevalent in the winter months, where they try to get indoors away from the cold. Customers will notice them more as they will use homeowners lofts and attics as rat runs. It’s not just mice or rats that need controlling and eradicating but we also get enquiries about rodent pest problems too!

In the summer months, most of our pest control work is for the extermination and removal of wasps. The severity can change from year to year but it’s not uncommon for us to treat up to 10 wasp nest cases a day from May to October. Bees can also be controlled and treated.

It’s not just squirrels, rodents and stinging insects that we exterminate but also other insects like ants, fleas, flies, bed-bugs, carpet moths & beetles, maggots, spiders, silverfish, woodlouse and cockroach. Our dedicated and highly trained team of pest control engineers can take on and remove any type of household or commercial pest.

Our vans are free of pest images so are ultra-discreet and all staff are courteous and will treat your home or business with the ultimate discretion.

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All aspects of, mouse, rat & rodent control carried out in Rawtenstall by fully qualified pest control operators!

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Wasps, bees removed. Nests eradicated... Ants, fleas, hornets, fly and cockroach pest controllers in Rossendale.

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As a fully trained and certified pest control company in Rawtenstall, we have a very large and local client base, that is proud to work with a Rossendale company and like the fact that prices are fully transparent and fixed before any work is carried out.

Prices start from as little as £39 and customers love our value for money service.

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Domestic & Commercial Work

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We deal with domestic, residential, business, industrial and commercial clients on a daily basis and off contracts for local small, medium and large businesses…

… As a pest control contractor, we shall adequately suppress indoor populations of rats, mice, cockroaches, ants including carpenter ants as occasional invaders, winged ant swarmers emerging indoors, incidental/occasional invaders entering from out-of-doors, and flies and other arthropod pests not specifically excluded from the contract. Populations of these pests that are located immediately outside of the specified buildings and pose a possible infestation problem to the specified buildings are included.

Populations of the following pests will be considered special services, separate from the specifications of this contract:

Birds, bats, predators and all other vertebrates other than commensal rodents;

Flying ants, nesting within structures and other wood-destroying organisms or other free-flying insects originating out of doors;

Pests that primarily feed on outdoor vegetation;

Fleas and ticks.

Initial Inspection

As a commercial pest contractor, we shall conduct a thorough, initial inspection of each building or site within the agreed-upon a number of working days after the effective date of the contract. The purpose of the initial inspection is for the contractor to identify problem areas and any equipment, structural features, or management practices that are contributing to pest infestations. The initial inspection shall be conducted by a certified commercial supervisory applicator employed by the contractor.

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